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Yadala's Story

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Yadala’s story


At Yadala, we believe physical and sexual health go hand in hand. Experiencing regular orgasms will improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain, and boost your immune system. Sexual pleasure will also flood your system with oxytocin (love hormone) and reduce cortisol (stress hormone) leaving you more relaxed and less anxious.

Our collection of luxurious, female-focused vibrators and clitoral stimulators will help you get in touch with your physical needs and take your orgasms to the next level. When you prioritise self-love, you bring your busy mind back to your body, and gently reverse any disconnect from trauma or stress.

Once you appreciate and feel affection for yourself, you are primed to bond with your partner. Together you can create a nurturing environment built on conscious choice, mindfulness and respect. 


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Yadala – conceived in 2020, born in 2021

Long term relationships sometimes get stale. I know, because my partner and I have been together for 21 years and we’ve had our ups and downs. 

But we’ve been lucky. Even during our darkest days when sex was painful, when my husband fell ill, and when parenting overwhelmed us, we’ve always been able to connect, and together overcome those obstacles.

And so it was that one day my husband headed off to a sex shop to buy me a gift. The gods must have been smiling, because he didn’t choose an aggressive looking giant vibrator. Instead, a female assistant convinced him to buy a clitoral stimulator for me.

The transformation the “Melt by We-Vibe” bought to our lives was unbelievable. My orgasms were deeper and more pleasurable than anything I’d experienced in my life. My self-confidence grew and the sexual desire for my husband returned. 

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Nurturing and supportive sex shopping

Because we wanted all women to have deep, healing, life-changing orgasms, my husband and I created Yadala. 

As well as curating the intimacy collection with women in mind, I am also an experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist, with insight into the challenges women face with anxiety and depression. 

My husband brings the technical expertise. He has degrees in science and acupuncture and promotes holistic health in his practice. 

Our unique take on the sex industry is a combination of lived experience and research-driven wellness advice.

Together, we want you to feel supported, informed and looked after, as you reawaken your sexual desire with joy and confidence.

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Sexual wellness is for everyone

At Yadala, we are passionate about:

Normalising sexuality and orgasms

Supporting a healthy lifestyle

Empowering women to choose what’s best for their bodies

Taking care of the planet

Exploring spirituality, meditation and alternative therapies

Embracing diversity and extending hospitality to all humans

Giving back to those who need help

Creating a nurturing and supportive sex shopping experience

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and are sure you will find the right gift. 

Thank you very much. 

With Love from your Yadala Team

Elevate Your Pleasure