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The transition to the next phase can come with a few physiological changes, which the body’s natural intelligence has provided a built-in power workout to smoothen the way – Orgasm.

The first step being libido. The reduction in oestrogen that brings body changes is seen as responsible for a decrease in sex drive however this is not the complete picture. “There is a shift from a more spontaneous desire pattern to a more responsive sexual desire pattern” (Bartos, 2021) which equates to the right time, place & situation, which is Yadala’s forte.  We elevate to a more serene, luxurious sense of arousal – a symphony rather than rock show – with a little preplanning & preparation the orgasms come just as powerfully but with a smoother richer flow. The recent advances in pleasure air technology have delivered a game-changer in women’s sex lives. The move away from penetration to a device that delightfully pummels the clitoris with little waves of air pressure – a whole new concept that will awaken a sleepy libido and has literally won awards for its ability to deliver.

Once scheduled into our lives the orgasmic health benefits abound.

Vaginal lubrication is reliant upon healthy blood flow because vaginal lubrication is ultrafiltrated blood (Whilhite, M. 2018). During arousal dilating capillaries and increased heart rate deliver a rush of blood flow to the vagina. At orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor contract and pulse, strengthen them as good as any Kegel exercise workout to alleviate incontinence and other painful symptoms (Handa et al, 2008).  A stronger pelvic floor has a reciprocal effect by helping increase vaginal sensation, and intensify orgasms.

And of course, the endorphins and feel-good chemicals released at orgasm ameliorate the mood swings of menopause and provide stress relief.



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