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Much is made of the need for good nutrition, regular exercise, a refreshing sleep cycle, and clean air to maximise health and build a sound body and bright mind.

Orgasm is the physiological process that is the 5th pillar to this foundation for optimal health. This wonderful neuro-endocrine event delivers a rush of neurotransmitters, a high-intensity cardiovascular workout, and releases a cascading waterfall of potent hormones throughout the body, all of which results in a mind-body connection that is charged and primed for optimal performance.

Self-care and stress management are not luxuries in this modern Millenium and your prescription to promote this is more orgasms. Arousal and orgasm are natural painkillers, releasing a flood of oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin, nitrogen oxide, noradrenaline, and endorphins to reduce pain (Hambach et al, 2013), alleviate stress, and boost immunity (ScienceDaily, 5 October 2015).

The pounding heart surges the bliss bomb of hormones through the brain as electrical impulses build and spark across synaptic connections (Komisaruk, 2004), crescendoing in a glimpse of the sensual experience of infinite wonder even psychedelics religion aren’t able to achieve.
The result – a highly oxygenated, charged metabolic state to cleanse the physical systems, then a soothed, clear mind state and reset of. Zen monk Olympians would train for decades to achieve such outcomes.

Life without regular contact to this touchstone of living experience would not only be a life less lived, it would dull the senses, narrow the mind and deprive the body of one of its most rejuvenating processes.

Orgasms are the forgotten fifth pillar of health. For all-around health, taking regular vitamins is one side but having regular orgasms is what will elevate our consciousness to a higher level. The instant health benefits and transformative experience of the Sacred make orgasm not only beneficial but essential to wellbeing. Create a place for it in your health routine, find what will elevate the experience for you and satisfy your body’s need to orgasm.


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